What does a Will include? Making Your Wishes Known.

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that sets forth the maker’s desires and instructions as to how his or her property is to be distributed upon his or her death.

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The probate court supervises the administration of a Will to insure the terms are carried out.  A Will only controls the disposition of assets owned by the deceased person in his or her name alone, without a co-owner or beneficiary. Each Will is unique and should reflect the wishes of the maker.
For over 30 years, Attorney Bruce Favret has been guiding and assisting his clients in creating Wills that truly reflect their wishes and desires. He educates his clients on the various options to consider to accomplish his or her goals and objectives. He challenges his clients to consider and plan for the unexpected. 

Your Will may included the following provisions:
  • Appointment of an executor.
  • Appointment of a guardian for minor children.
  • Trust for young beneficiaries.
  • Disposition of heirlooms, personal property and other “stuff”.
  • Care of pets.
  • Specific bequests (gifts).
  • Disposition of main assets.

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