Many people own heirlooms, family antiques, jewelry and other items with great sentimental value.

Family Heirlooms

In addition, most of us have a lot of general “stuff”, such as, furniture, furnishings, appliances and personal belongings. While money is easy to divide, providing for the disposition of the general “stuff” is very important. Giving direction on what happens to the “stuff” can help to avoid arguments, hurt feelings and promote family harmony.

With a Will, you can designate how the personal property (the stuff) is divided and who will be the person making those decisions. You can designate the charity(ies) you want to receive items that are to be donated such as old clothes and other unwanted items.

Most people would like the peace of mind knowing that those items will go to someone who will appreciate and value them as much as they do. With a Will, you can specify who is to receive the family heirlooms and special items.

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