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Who will raise your children?

Selecting the person(s) to raise a minor child(ren) upon the death of the parents is one of the most difficult and most important decisions a parent can make.

Fortunately with a Will, you can pick who will be the to raise your minor child(ren).

Without a Will, the probate court will have to pick the guardian, who may or may not be the person you would have selected.  If a minor child inherits more than $10,000, the court will appoint a guardian of the estate to protect the minor’s assets.

With a Will, you can choose who will be the person to be in charge of the minor child’s assets. Without a Will the court will make the choice. Without a Will, the guardian of the estate must post a bond for twice the amount of the child’s assets, which must renewed each year. With a Will, the bond can be waived and hundreds of dollars saved each year.

Guardianships of a minor end when the child reaches the age of 18. All of the assets and property must be turned over to the child at that time.

If you do not want your child to receive all of their inheritence at age 18, you should consider including a trust in your Will. You can designate the person to be the trustee to hold the assets until the child is older and more mature. The trustee can use the trust assets for the child’s care, support and education, until the child reaches the age you desdignste.

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