Are your wishes known in a life-sustaining situation?

Living Will DeclarationA Living Will is a binding legal document you can complete now which declares what your wishes are regarding the use of life-sustaining treatment, if you should become terminally ill or permanently unconscious.  A declaration of your wishes in a critical situation can be the answers your family needs.

A Living Will:

  • It only becomes effective when a patient is permanently unconscious or terminally ill and is unable to communicate.
  • Two doctors must agree that you are beyond any medical help and that you will not recover.
  • Spells out whether or not you want life-supporting technology used to prolong your dying.
  • Gives doctors the authority to follow your instructions regarding your medical treatment you want under these conditions.
  • Cannot be revoked by anyone but you, but you change your it at any time.
  • Will be followed for pregnant woman only if certain conditions apply.
  • Specifies under what conditions you would want internal feeding and fluids to be withheld.

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