How do you want your property distributed?

Preparing a WillA Will is a legal document that sets forth how you would like your probate property distributed at your death. Probate property are assets that you own in your name alone, without a co-owner or without a beneficiary. The probate court supervises the administration of your estate to insure that the terms of your Will are fulfilled.

  • With a Will you can designate who will receive your assets.
  • With a Will you can make gifts of money or of certain assets to specific persons, charities or organizations.
  • With a Will you can specify what happens to your heirlooms and personal property and how it is to be divided.
  • With a Will you can name the person that you want to be executor to handle the administration of your estate and the distribution of your assets.
  • With a Will you can designate who will be guardian(s) for your minor children.
  • With a Will you can appoint the person(s) you trust to manage the money and assets of beneficiaries until they are mature enough to handle it for themselves.
  • With a Will you can create a trust for a beneficiary with special needs that will permit their needs to be supplemented without the lost of any government benefits.
  • With a Will you can provide that money be set aside for the education of your grandchildren.
  • With a Will the requirement for a surety bond can be waived, saving the estate hundreds of dollars.

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