Appoint someone you trust. 

financial power of attorney cincinnati ohA Financial Power of Attorney is a legal document which you appoint someone you trust to act as your agent regarding your personal, financial and business matters. Everyone should have one, whether young or old. Having a Financial Power of Attorney will avoid the necessity of having the Court appoint a Guardian over your financial assets in you are incapacitated. It will save thousands of dollars in surety bonds, guardian and attorney fees.

A Financial Power of Attorney can authorize you agent to do the following:

  • Write checks, make deposits and deal with your bank accounts.
  • Transfer and sell real estate and personal property.
  • Transfer and sell motor vehicles.
  • Buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities.
  • Access safe deposit boxes.
  • Withdraw money from retirement accounts.
  • Deal with insurance companies.
  • Do almost any other activity you could do. 

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